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Dr. Schwitzer is the best. He is very caring, attentive, and professional. I would 100% recommend him. He immediately contacted me after my surgery and continued to follow up to make sure I was doing fine.


I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Schwitzer and the Strax organization. Each member of the process made me feel at ease and kept a smile on my face. I’m only 1 and 1/2 week post surgery and feeling like a new woman. I’m not gonna lie, the first day was unexpectedly painful but it’s in the past quickly. And by end of week one it’s a breeze. I highly recommend the drainage massages, but only do how many the Dr. tells you because they are expensive. So far it is worth it to me. You must follow his instructions so your outcome will be most fulfilling. I know it is a process and I look forward to seeing my final results. Dr. Schwitzer’s vision is sexy and I am super pleased.

T. S.

Dr Schweitzer es muy bueno.Muy bueno se lo recomiendo es un gran doctor mi cirujia quedó perfecta estoy muy contenta con el doctor y todo su personal. Zeny ,Milly y todas las muchachas son muy agradable. Estoy muy agradecida. Gracias doctor por dejamer tan divina!!!

P. L.

I’ve unfortunately had a few surgeries over the years in different countries so abroad as well. This is the second procedure I’ve had at Strax Aesthetics. I shopped around looking at Sonobello Ideal Image and others. I am relieved I had three good sense to return. The staff along with Dr. Schwitzer validated my decision, the results of the surgery is above my expectations and in healing fast with his guidance. I told him in just the clay and he is the DaVinci and artist using surgery to create the results I couldn’t have expected to receive. Excellent surgeon. The Post-op staff and manager Ms. Milly Rodriguez stay on top of your surgery from day one until you leave after two weeks after final visit. Stellar surgical office.


I had the best experience over 13 years ago at Strax Aesthetics. Now that I’ve aged I’ve decided it’s time for me to get some areas fix. The first time I went to Strax Aesthetics was the best experience so I decided to come back and this time it was so excellent I can’t stop raving. Doctor and the staff are amazing from the consultation to the caring to the post care everyone has been tremendously amazing. Dr Schwitzer has been really helpful and gave me the opportunity to make myself feel better. Dr. Schwitzer has the exquisite talent to create a work of art and his master techniques are amazing. One good advice that I can give everyone is that if you take good care of your body, your body will take good care of yourself in the best way is always being honest with yourself doing the right things and following the doctors instruction, and you can achieve exactly what you envision.


At a breast augmentation with safe liposuction. My experience with Dr. Schwitzer, was amazing. He was very thorough. Went over all his concerns and asked me my concerns. Wanted to know what look I was going for and his suggestions. He wanted to make sure. Ultimately I was getting what I wanted and happy. Post-op, he was really great. He gave me his phone number and he checked on me regularly and still keeps in contact with me. I would definitely recommend him to anyone and have recommended him.