Sculpt Your Confidence: Strax Aesthetics
Perfects Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

Elevate Your Confidence with Strax Aesthetics
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Sculpt Your Confidence: Strax Aesthetics Perfects Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

Welcome to Strax Aesthetics

Where we specialize in enhancing your natural beauty through the transformative art of Brazilian Butt Lift. Our expert surgeons, personalized approach, and commitment to excellence make us the premier destination for those seeking sculpted confidence.

How We Can Help You:

Experience the pinnacle of Brazilian Butt Lift excellence at Strax Aesthetics, where personalized sculpting meets advanced techniques. See why our approach sets us apart:

  • Expert Surgeons: Our board-certified surgeons are leaders in the field, ensuring precision, safety, and exceptional results. Click Here
  • Personalized Enhancement: Tailored solutions to achieve the curves and proportions that complement your unique body shape.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Embrace the latest advancements for natural-looking results and a swift recovery.
  • Luxurious Experience: From initial consultation to post-surgery, our dedicated team provides exceptional care for a comfortable experience.
  • Affordable Pricing: We understand the importance of accessible beauty. Strax Aesthetics offers competitive pricing and convenient financing options.

Procedure Simplified:

Understand the journey to enhanced curves with our straightforward explanation of the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure:

  1. Consultation: Meet with our experienced surgeons to discuss your goals, concerns, and create a personalized surgical plan.
  2. Fat Harvesting: Unwanted fat is gently harvested from areas like the abdomen or thighs using liposuction.
  3. Purification: The harvested fat is purified to obtain the highest quality fat cells for injection.
  4. Strategic Injection: The purified fat is carefully injected into the buttocks, sculpting and enhancing natural contours.
  5. Recovery: Experience a supported recovery with our post-surgery care, designed for minimal discomfort and a swift return to normal activities.

Why Choose Strax Aesthetics:

  • 2+ Decades of Excellence: With 20+ years of dedicated service, Strax Aesthetics consistently delivers exceptional results, a testament to our commitment to cosmetic surgery excellence.
  • 25,000+ Transformations: With a proven track record, Strax Aesthetics has performed over 25,000 cosmetic surgery procedures, transforming countless lives.
  • Proven Transformations: Explore our gallery showcasing successful Brazilian Butt Lift transformations.
  • Client Testimonials: Hear from our satisfied clients about their positive experiences and newfound confidence.
  • Aesthetic Excellence: Our commitment to your safety, satisfaction, and artistic results sets us apart in the world of Brazilian Butt Lift surgery.
  • Affordable Pricing: We understand the importance of accessible beauty. Strax Aesthetics offers competitive pricing and convenient financing options.

Elevate your beauty and confidence.


Brazilian Butt Lift
Brazilian Butt Lift
Brazilian Butt Lift


Dr. Dean did so great!
He was patient with me and listened to what I wanted and gave me what I asked for. I have anxiety at doctor offices but he and the Strax staff made me feel so comfortable!!! I get lots of compliments and my body looks so natural and fire!!! I look fantastic and I healed so well!!!!
I’ve made such a great decision to pick him as my doctor! Trust me you won’t regret it! Choose him!
Veronica R.

Dr. Randy Dean and the Strax staff was amazing. I'm 2 weeks post op and I love my results. He listened to what I wanted and he delivered. The nurses were great. The post op team pro ides you with what you need. Overall, my experience was amazing. I would recommend Dr. Dean for BBL.

Kathie S.

Absolutely love my BBL results! Dr. Munoz is the best. He was very professional and knowledgeable. I just told him what I wanted done and boom–he worked his magic to give me the results I wanted. I trust him enough to refer my family and friends in his care. I am in LOVE!!!


Having my breast reduction at Strax Aesthetics was a great experience from the consultation where I met Dr. Jeffrey Hamm who did my surgery was awesome. He educated me on the procedure that I was having from what to expect during and after surgery. The outcome was great I will definitely recommend anyone to come to Straxx from the consultation to post op my experience saw great. I’m so in love with my breast thank you Dr. Hamm for doing an absolutely awesome job.

Kim L.

Amazing!!! Love love love the whole experience. I got breast reduction and they look so good. The doctor and Strax staff were simply amazing and very helpful. Always available to ask any questions I had and made me feel comfortable from the start of my journey. I will definitely be returning for future work

L. Pal

Dr. Hamm was a great man. He is so friendly and welcoming. I was so big chested before and now I am at a perfect size. They are small enough where I have no sagging and have a full bust. I love it thank you so much for it all.

D. R.

Frequently Asked Questions

Butt augmentation and the Brazilian butt lift are the two most popular techniques used for gluteal enhancement. In a Brazilian butt lift, your own fat is transferred to your buttocks after being taken from another area of your body, like your abdomen or thighs, using liposuction. Many patients choose this method because they feel it is safer and more natural. In a butt augmentation procedure, silicone implants are placed to add volume and shape to the buttocks. This can be a suitable option for people who are very lean and do not have enough excess fat to support a BBL surgery.

As with most surgeries, the temporary side effects of a Brazilian butt lift include bruising, swelling and redness. The average length of downtime for BBL recovery ranges from about 10 to 14 days. While your results will be noticeable immediately after the procedure, it will take about six months for residual swelling to resolve and for your new tissue to settle fully into its improved shape. It’s critical that you follow your plastic surgeon’s instructions for aftercare during this time to ensure the best possible outcome.

An important part of your recovery is maximizing the amount of fat that “takes” after BBL surgery. One of the things that can increase the amount of fat that remains is by preventing any trauma to the buttock area, including sitting. Prolonged pressure on your buttocks during the healing process can interfere with the survival of your transferred fat. To avoid this, you will be instructed to wear a compression garment, sleep exclusively on your stomach, and limit the amount of time you spend sitting for several weeks after your procedure. Regular sitting activity can typically be resumed after about eight weeks.

Yes, but they are minimal. A small incision must be made to insert the cannula for liposuction, so surgical scars can appear in any area where liposuction is performed. Fortunately, the incisions are small — usually not more than one centimeter in length — and your surgeon will take care to place them in areas where they are camouflaged within the natural folds of your body or can be hidden with clothing. Your incisions will fade over time and, depending on your skin tone, can become virtually imperceptible once they have fully healed.

The fat cells injected into your buttocks will act like any other fat cells in your body. If you lose weight, they will shrink. If you gain weight, they will expand. Because weight fluctuations can compromise your results, maintaining a stable weight and a healthy lifestyle after your BBL procedure is crucial. It’s best if you are at or very close to your desired body weight before undergoing a Brazilian butt lift.

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Best Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Center in South Florida

Strax Aesthetics is Revolutionizing Buttock Augmentation with Advanced Brazilian Butt Lift Techniques in South Florida.

At Strax Aesthetics in Lauderhill, Florida, we take pride in offering state-of-the-art Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedures, including the innovative Skinny BBL and buttock augmentation with fat grafting. As a leading surgical center in Broward County, we extend our expertise to clients from Miami Dade County and Palm Beach County, providing them with personalized and advanced solutions for buttock enhancement. Our commitment to combining aesthetic excellence with safety and personalized care makes us the premier choice for anyone seeking a Brazilian Butt Lift or fat transfer to the butt.

Understanding the diverse needs and body aspirations of our clients, Strax Aesthetics offers various BBL techniques, including the popular Skinny BBL, which is designed for individuals who desire a more subtle and natural-looking enhancement. Our board-certified surgeons specialize in this technique, ensuring precision and care in every procedure. Whether you’re looking for a significant transformation or a more understated change, our surgeons are skilled in creating customized plans that align with your unique body type and aesthetic goals.

In the realm of buttock augmentation with fat grafting, Strax Aesthetics stands out for our meticulous approach to fat harvesting and purification. We gently extract unwanted fat from areas like the abdomen or thighs, ensuring minimal discomfort. The harvested fat is then purified using advanced techniques to obtain the highest quality fat cells, which are strategically injected into the buttocks to sculpt and enhance natural contours. This procedure not only improves the appearance of your buttocks but also contours the areas from which the fat is harvested, offering a dual benefit.

Our clients from across Broward County, Miami Dade County, and Palm Beach County choose Strax Aesthetics for their Brazilian Butt Lift needs because of our cutting-edge techniques and comprehensive care. From the initial consultation to the final stages of recovery, our dedicated team provides exceptional support, ensuring a comfortable and rewarding experience. We understand the importance of a swift recovery and are committed to providing post-surgery care designed for minimal discomfort, allowing for a quick return to normal activities.

At Strax Aesthetics, we also emphasize the importance of safety in every BBL procedure. Our surgeons are well-versed in the latest safety protocols and use only the safest techniques for fat transfer to the butt, ensuring the well-being of our clients. This commitment to safety, combined with our artistic expertise, sets us apart in the world of Brazilian Butt Lift surgery.

Moreover, our strategic location in Lauderhill makes Strax Aesthetics easily accessible to residents of South Florida. We provide a luxurious and welcoming environment where clients can feel at ease and confident in their decision to undergo a Brazilian Butt Lift. Our gallery of proven transformations and client testimonials speaks volumes of the positive experiences and life-changing results our clients have achieved.

In conclusion, Strax Aesthetics is your trusted partner for Brazilian Butt Lift procedures, including Skinny BBL and buttock augmentation with fat grafting, in Lauderhill, Florida. Serving clients from Broward, Miami Dade, and Palm Beach County, we are dedicated to providing personalized, safe, and effective solutions for enhancing your curves and confidence. We invite you to schedule a consultation with us and embark on a transformative journey to achieve the beautiful, natural-looking results you desire.